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AllMoPs 12

All Manner of Plugs: Issue 12 (11.4.2010)
a weekly recommendations and information email

Written by J.S. Lewis

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Feelin' good? Feelin' great? Another condensed yet hearty helping in the Film Tome Report this week. In Gamerain we shine the spotlight on Kinect, which hit store shelves today (though they may be all sold out). And then some of the usual chords... rock on!

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I love this song and am ecstatic about the artsy and creative treatment it has received in music video form. It is youthful in it aspirations and imagination. Check it.

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You've heard the dangers of texting and driving... well, this guy is just a menace to society!

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Jackson is a mandrill and some people think he's impolite, though he really is not. Read why here.

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Imagine you live in a costal community and some beached whale carcass is stinking up the joint. Some of the townspeople get together and toss around ideas for removing the blubbery thing. As an anxious conversation takes place you lean behind someone's back and shout, "Let's blow it up!" You were just having a spot of fun of course, but the council immediately goes silent. The next minute is filled with excited chatter and nodding heads. They've taken your brilliant idea seriously! You try to explain it was just a joke, but it's no use. Someone has already ran off to get the dynamite! The only thing you can do now is watch.

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Microsoft's Kinect came out today. For those who haven't the foggiest, this is Xbox 360's answer to the Wii (on a similar note Playstation 3 is getting its Move on, I didn't even know it was already out... don't care though, yes, I'm biased), meaning a retro innovation of how gameplay is controlled. However, Microsoft was not just thinking of how to copy the WiiMote (unlike Sony, which may or may not prove to be a wise choice), they wanted to take gameplay to the next level. Why renovate the controller when the technology is available to scrap the controller all together? You use your body (mainly your hands) and your voice to interact with software. It's been announced for years and ever since then tech and game demos have been leaking out.

Up to this point the unbiased consensus among gamers has seemed to be, "Cool enough, but where is the killer app?" The original Xbox had "Halo" at launch (can any system ever beat such a way to come out of the gate?). The 360 had "Call of Duty 2," "Kameo," and "Condemned: Criminal Origins." Kinect has... "Kinectimals"? This is a horrifically cheesy and altogether misleading name for the game. It should have just been "Kats" if you ask me (for the only animals featured are those in the feline family). Regardless, that is somehow the game that looks most appealing to me. You get an adorable tiger cub to frolic and play with! Think "the next generation of Giga Pets" or just remember the underrated "Hey You Pikachu!" (a secret relish of mine). I believe the target audience for this game is little girls age 6-12. So, is that saying something about me or the choice of games available? Probably both. It is for this reason (lack of enough compelling software for this gamer) that I didn't shell out $150 to have the device on Day 1 (today). That said, I still want to get my hands on "Kinectimals"! What other "games"? There are a couple fitness titles, "Dance Central," and of course a "WiiSports"-knockoff. When you buy Kinect it comes with

Overall, the features are appealing. I think it would be radical to commandeer my 360 Dashboard just by moving and rotating my hands or to walk into my living room and say, "Xbox on. Netflix. Play 'The Office,' season 3, episode 14." Okay, I KNOW it would be killa! Remember that opening scene in "Minority Report" where Cruise cycles through menus on a monitor with his hands? That was sci-fi eight years ago, now you can buy it for your living room... There is a minus to this plus however. When utilizing this technology, especially when "playing games," you are at an incredibly high risk of looking like a buffoon. Picture a person jumping, squating and massaging the air in front of their TV for an hour straight to get an idea.

There was an embargo on journalists and video game reviewers alike, which forbade any reviews/critiques about the games or technology itself releasing until today. Another reason for adding weight on previous decision to not pre-order Kinect. So, this morning, one of the first I things I did at a computer was head over to GameSpot and watch their video review for "Kinectimals." (Watch Kevin's review and you'll see what I mean by looking like a fool.) Again, stupid name, adorable game. They gave it a 7.5/10 which they deem "Good." If Kinect greatly interests you, I recommend reading the "Gut Reactions: Kinect" from the Editors on GameSpot.

Other reception: IGN gave "Dance Central" and "Kinect Sports" 8/10s labeling them "impressive," and gave the technology itself a 7.5/10.

You can be sure Gamerain will keep you Kinect-ed to any developments.

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Gus Van Sant (director of the near-perfect "Good Will Hunting" and the pretty mess that is "Elephant") is back on the scene with"Restless." Nice enough. The guy and girl look a lot alike. Huh.

Zack Snyder is a director who you never know what to expect with. His 2004 remake of "Dawn of the Dead" is still a favorite of mine, but "300" proved to be a bitter disappointment overall. Earlier this year he unleashed "Legend of the Guardians" (AKA "that CGI-owl flick") on us. Well, Snyder will strike again in the first quarter of next year with "Sucker Punch." This looks like utter eye-candy, but sounds so lame (just listen to authoritative man tell the girl about the "five things"... are you serious?).

Tyler Perry, who I know little about and whose films I know little about, has a new thing: "For Colored Girls." Something tells me I may not be the target demographic here... This looks more in the vein of "Precious" than say the likes of "Why Did I Get Married?" The trailer came out back in September, but a new clip was released last week. I recommend the trailer, not the clip. I'm shocked to say this looks quite good! I dig the stylish introducing of the cast. Anytime I get a "magnolia"-vibe, as I did here, it should be duly noted.

I haven't seen either of the "Ong Bak"s (martial-arts extravaganzas from Thailand), but have always wanted to. "Ong Bak 3" looks like more of the same. Translation: AWESOME!

"Regresa" looks like sweet nuts! By that I mean a sentimental flick that gets a little crazy... Beware

The "Okay...": Two jolly films about old Saint Nick. "Navidad S.A." looks intriguing and befuddling. If that one isn't to your liking Santa Clause is also coming to town... on a murder spree! Some Finnish filmmakers thought this was good idea? Would you open "Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale" or ask your friend if he still has the receipt?

  • 127 Hours* - 94%
  • Due Date - 41%
  • For Colored Girls - 33%
  • Megamind - 66%

  • Centurion - 56%
  • Going the Distance - 52%
  • Toy Story 3 - 99%
  • Winnebago Man - 90%
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