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AllMoPs 10

All Manner of Plugs: Issue 10 (10.24.2010)
a weekly recommendations email

Written by J.S. Lewis

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Issue number what? That's right... AllMoPs is entering the double-digits. Holla at ya boyz. Another issue-in-the-making with just hours left in the week (cutting back this time where I see fit), but in-the-making nonetheless. Again. Holla at ya boyz. Merrymake.

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You've heard the song, but have you seen the video? This is one of my favorite diddies of all-time... years ago, when I first saw this video, it sent tingles up and down my spine and then up again. A wonderfully blatant message and an answer to "gangster rap," this is one for the history books kids.

TRIVIA: Name the video game the kids are playing.

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Here is proof that open-world video game where you play as a chimp would be suh-weet. Sueko (a 300 pounder) goes on a friendly little rampage in her hometown of Kansas City. Article here, make sure you check out both videos.

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"Fallout: New Vegas," follow-up to the mind-blowing and breath-taking "Fallout 3," hit shelves this Tuesday. Built from the same engine as its critically-acclaimed predecessor, but by a different team this time around (Obsidian instead of the legendary Bethesda), "New Vegas" takes the post-apocalyptic experience to Las Vegas. The game has received a lot of praise with an impressive 84% on Metacritic (like Rotten Tomatoes, but for Games, Music, and TV in addition to Movies). The critiques seem to be universally the same: same splendid gameplay and a new and fascinating open-world, but packed to the gills with technical issues (unfortunately glitches galore). Hopefully nothing a few downloadable patched can't take care of, but really... how do they let such a tweaky horse out of the gates? It's a bitter-sweet tale.

"Super Meat Boy" has an outstanding 90% rating! I spent some time with the demo... fun, but very infuriating. It is an arcade-style trial-and-error experience. Interesting enough, but I didn't understand what all the fuss was about. I still dream of "Limbo" (also standing tall with a 90% rep).
Next week "Fable 3" will rock the house! Any fans out there? You'll eat up the Launch Center (a nice feature they display for the more popular games out there) Gamespot has set up for this one.

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The Simon Pegg and Nick Frost duo return! However, this time "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" were easily two of the funniest flicks of last decade. They are returning in February with "Paul," a comedy with subject matter out of this world.

Apparently what came out last month was not "The Last Exorcism" because come 2011 there is going to be more, this time with Sir Anthony Hopkins in a little freaky picture called "The Rite."

All hail Pixar! Thus far the practically-perfect-in-every-way team has only released sequels to their first and best film ("Toy Story"). It is a strange thing then to hear word of them making "Cars 2," a sequel to my least favorite Pixar feature. This lackluster teaser may be the most unimpressive thing I've ever seen to come from their studio. Are times changing?

Toss of the Week: Generally speaking, losing a child is one of the worst experiences imaginable. "Rabbit Hole" is an artsy and gutsy stab at capturing the lives of a couple who had to bury their child. This was easily my top pick for the week.


Rotten Tomatoes - "Five Favorite Films with Tim Burton" Pretty self-explanatory. The guy is an absolute visionary. Check out what inspired him!

  • Hereafter - 51%
  • Paranormal Activity 2 - 67%
  • Oceans - 80%
  • Predators - 63%
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Sweet rat monkeys! If you have any comments, questions, requests, complaints or threats please let your voice be heard by If you wish to be removed from the AllMoPs send-list, let me know. If you wish to add someone, let me know. Remember, all previous AllMoPs are available at my blog, All Manner of Posts. Have a splendid new week and thanks for plugging in!

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