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AllMoPs 20

All Manner of Plugs: Issue 20 (2.13.2011)
an weekly informing and recommending email

Written by J.S. Lewis

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Twenty down! I have debated changing my description of AllMoPs... should it be "a weekly and sometime every-other-weekly informing and recommending email"? It has been three weeks since I last lambasted your email accounts with more links than you can shake a stick at. Time will tell how much AllMoPs will tell. Enjoy our twentieth issue!

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Al took "Lump" and made it into a brilliant tribute/spoof of "Forrest Gump." If the lyrics do not impress you, Yankovic's physical feats will. I wanted to shed some light on Weird Al after I discovered President Obama follows him on Twitter.

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The world's oldest person died last week. She was 114 (born in the late 1800s!). CNN covers.

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On a somewhat, shall we say somber note, a recent study of chimps shows that they too grieve the loss of their own.
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Suspicious Activity

Jan. 28: An individual was reported to be shouting profanities in Maeser Hall. The campus was searched, but no one was found.


Feb. 2: A pedestrian walked across the street during a green light on West Campus Drive. An officer honked at the student, who then ran into the Tanner Building to hide. The officer found him and cited him for failure to stop at the command of an officer and ignoring a traffic device.

Disorderly Conduct

Jan. 29: Two bicyclists were reported doing tricks between the HBLL and the Wilkinson Center. When an officer arrived, the subjects rode away.

Jan. 31: Someone tried to drill out the locks on laundry units to get the money inside. They were unsuccessful.

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Hand dancing? Hand dancing! (Thanks to my mum for showing me this.) Also, as a commenter pointed, watch how the guy only blinks once during his whole performance... rather creepy.

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"Stacking," the latest game from Double Fine (the mad team behind "Brutal Legend" and the masterpiece that is "Psychonauts"), just hit the electonic shelves earlier this week. You see, it is only available for digital download on Xbox 360 and PS3. I was looking quite forward to this game and have spent a little time with the demo. You play as Charlie, the smalls Russian nesting doll around. You can jump into dolls bigger than you, taking control of them and utilizing their special abilities to solve puzzles. The cutscenes are novel and the gameplay is jolly. Anything that hearkens to "Space Station Silicon Valley," where you play a hijacking microchip of robotic animals, is a pleasantry. That said, everyone speaking in text boxes left me a little overwhelmed in crowds. Running into frequent identical dolls also was a minor let down. Still, it is getting great reviews. Here is what GameSpot had to say.

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During last week's Bowl of Super proportions there were several TV-spots for some of this year's hottest flicks ("Super 8," "Cowboys & Aliens," and "Captain American" to name a few). Out of all of these, I am the most psyched for "Super 8." If it is about what I think it is about (a child takes advantage of a real alien encounter to make a movie)... it is right up my alley! (No wonder Spielberg wanted to produce this.) Many of these titles look great. Even though I have yet to see a 2011 film, I am starting to believe it can be a good year. To restate and for the record, I thought 2010 was a MARVELOUS year for film.

Here is the spot for "The Adjustment Bureau". Firstly, I will behold anything with Matt Damon. Secondly, this high concept is nutty enough.

"Limitless" looks like it just might have limits. Then again, it does have De Niro. What does any of this mean? Nothing.

Will "Hop" be worth the leap? From the director of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" (oh... no...) and the studio that brought us "Despicable Me" (Hey!) come the best CGI-characters in a live action environment since "Yogi Bear" (ew...)! It could go up or down folks.

I know nothing about X-Men, I have not seen any of the previous films, but perhaps that doesn't matter. This is "X-Men: First Class." The visuals are stunning to say the least.

"Battle: Los Angeles" also got a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl. The second trailer came out last month. While offering some new visuals, neither are quite as compelling as the debut trailer set to Johann Johannsson's haunting masterpiece of a song. (Trailer 2 uses the same song eventually, but too eventually IMHO.) In any case, I am excited for 3.11.11.

I greatly admire the novel quirk found in "Beginners." It looks to be well-acted (huge fan of Plummer and Melanie Laurent, who was PERFECT in "Inglourious Basterds") and carefully filmed.

Toss of the Week: "Even the Rain" seems to be rather onerous for audiences, such fair often are our greatest films. The impressive conception of a director making a film about the discovery of America amidst contemporary challenges in his own country. Finally, if I haven't said it before, I swear it now: Gael Garcia Bernal ("Amores Perros," "Y Tu Mama Tambien," "Babel," and "The Science of Sleep") is one of our finest actors. Although, they really should change the hombre's IMDb picture. Seriously, that might be the worst picture ever taken of him. There you go ladies.

Entertainment Weekly ran a gallery of "10 Movies that Changed Hollywood." A couple of these are among my all-time faves.

What better way to get ready for the big night (Feb. 27) than to complain about the nominees? EW here with "Oscars: 19 Snubs That Bug You!". IMHO: Nolan should not only have been nominated, he should probably win. Something I will surely address on my "Oscar Preview" article next week.

Another way to get ready for this year's Academy Awards is to recount "16 Memorable Moments" from last year's show. (Again, EW is there for you and for me.)


After Christopher Nolan makes his third batman flick ("The Dark Knight Rises") he wants to do a Howard Hughes biopic. But wait... Yeah, of course Nolan is aware of Scorsese's "The Aviator" (a Howard Hughes biopic and a rather recent one at that). Why then? Because Nolan's film will cover the rest of the story.

Few directors have tackled as many genres as the Coen Borthers (Comedies, Dramas, Thrillers, Rom-Coms, Noir and most recently the Western), so it both surprising and not surprising to hear the two are working on a script for a horror film.


Directed by Chris Vincze

The techniques are nothing revolutionary, but what Vincze and team have crafted is a lovely little picture that is sure to please.

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