Saturday, January 1, 2011

AllMoPs 17

All Manner of Plugs: Issue 17 (1.1.2011)
a weekly informing and recommending email

Written by J.S. Lewis

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Happy New Year! Please excuse the AllMoPs hiatus. After finishing finals I took a vacation from many-a-thing, including my "weekly informing and recommending email" duties. It has been a couple of weeks since Issue 16, but I am here to bring in the New Year with plenty of cheer. Merrymake.

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The new year deserves one of the greatest music videos of all time. Watch it to the end and then ponder.

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A near-death experience has made Tom Shadyac (director of several Jim Carrey comedies such as "Bruce Almighty") want to make a documentary about human life. The trailer for "I Am" starts off looking like something we've seen before, but by the end, I'm not too sure.

"Water For Elephants" - Based on the bestselling novel, this one looks great. Christoph Waltz (who totally deserved his Oscar last year) and Reese Witherspoon are bound to deliver great performances. Robert Pattinson (forever known as Edward) also looks tremendously capable in his role. It looks very pretty and seems dramatic enough. On any other week this would've garnered my toss.

Toss of the Week: Terrence Malick makes about one film per decade. Nearly each one makes my list of favorite films per decade. "The Tree of Life" looks to be no exception. The stunning visuals (praise be given to one of my favorite cinematographers, Emmanuel Lubezki) and the poetic monologue thoughts (a Malick staple) are the best of this form. Brad Pitt (who I'll defend to the end as a great actor) and Sean Penn star. This is going to be one heavy-hitter! I am predicting the best of 2011 right here. May 27th.


With the end of the year we get many critic's Top Ten of the Year lists. Check out two of the most well-known's: Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper.


Directed by Geza M. Toth

Nominated for an Academy Award back in 2005. You won't know why unless you watch to the end (seems to be a theme this issue). Very amusing!

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  1. Seeing as I've already received Issue #18... and came here to comment (but it was not found....) I thought I'd leave a comment here. Social Network #1? Wow... Not a surprise. Very well done movie. Very impressive. Think it will win the Academy award for this?