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AllMoPs 4

All Manner of Plugs: Issue 4 (9.12.2010)
a weekly recommendations email

written by J.S. Lewis

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Thanks for opening another addition of AllMoPs. Another late and quick edition!

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Absolutely beautiful. This one-shot MV (another from the mind of Michel Gondry) is a ballet of school children and cinematography. This is a cover of the song by Tears for Fears. This redo was composed by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules for the film "Donnie Darko" in 2003.

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*In this all-new segment of AllMoPs I will fish up a recent news story you may have missed, usually of the bizarre brand.

Due to my natural obsession with monkeys I will strive to frequently highlight them in this segment: Oshine, an obese orangutan in South Africa, has officially been sent to the fat farm (Monkey World Ape Rescue Center). The chunky monkey (ooo! I so wanted to say that!) currently weighs 220 pounds, they hope to get her to lose 100 of those. Poor Oshine. It's no wonder she's so large, she was fed all the marshmallows her now-in-danger heart desired! Seriously, who are her owners? Isn't that some kind of animal abuse? Anyways, you got to see this chump to believe it.

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Bungie's final installment in one of video game's most beloved and successful franchises of all-time hits shelves in about 30 hours. I speak of "Halo: Reach." I will be at a local GameStop at midnight to collect my own copy. I vividly recall back in 2004 when I did the same thing for "Halo 2." Expect more ravings and an eventual review of the game from yours truly.

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The curtains are closing on Summer. Autumn is ready to take the stage. That means another directorial effort from Clint Eastwood is due. Of course, he is ready to deliver as always. Eastwood is sticking with Matt Damon (who starred in his latest film, "Invictus") but taking on some very different subject matter: the supernatural (namely, what happens after death). I think it looks promising. Look for yourself. Coming soon (October 22) to a theater near you.

So what's up with all the vampire flicks? Last decade zombies were all the rage, now it seems the blood-sucking, sun-loathing, lightning-speed monsters have the spotlight. No doubt the success and mania laying in the wake of the "Twilight" series has gathered attention the world over, but who would've known it would start an entire onslaught of vampiric features? Here's a quick look at four currently in theaters or on the horizon:
1, "Vampires Suck" came out last month. It's part of the same group that capitalizes on making fun of whatever is popular ("Epic Movie," "Scary Movie," and "Date Movie").
2. "Suck" just came out. A rock band encounter vampires. I know very little else.
3. "Let Me In" from director Matt Reeves (who made "Cloverfield," which gives him a seat at my table) is the American remake of the critically acclaimed Swedish vampire hit, "Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right One In)," which is currently #201 in the IMDb's Top 250.
4. "Priest" is about, well, a priest, who tries to track down the vampires who took his niece. Paul Bettany plays the Priest and you can see his quest next May!

That was fast. Just weeks ago I was lamenting the end of "At The Movies," the half-hour film critic show that aired its final episode just last month. Now Roger Ebert, the man who started it all (alongside Siskel), couldn't stand to see it go either and so he (alongside wife, Chaz) is producing a renewed series that will begin airing in January, " Roger Ebert Presents At The Movies." It follows much the same format as the previous installments: reviews of new movies (mainstream and indie), looks at classics, and will use the infamous "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down" rating system coined by Siskel and Ebert (which I still feel they should be spanked for using). The show will be co-hosted by Christy Lemire and Elvis Mitchell (don't be the least bit concerned if you've never heard of them). Here is the post on Ebert's blog announcing the exciting news and if you scroll down you'll find they've actually released a sample of what the show and format will be like. I'm not sure what to think of it quite yet. I suppose I will have to wait for the first full episode due next year. If anything, at least Mr. Ebert seems happy... That's right! The man himself makes an appearance. Throat cancer left the legendary film critic speechless, but his voice lives on in his written reviews and through the speech capability of his nifty computer (again, see clip via the afore posted link).

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And... cut! If you have any comments, questions, requests, complaints or threats please let your voice be heard by If you wish to be removed from the AllMoPs send-list, let me know. If you wish to add someone, let me know. Until next time, enjoy the remainder of summer and thanks for plugging in!

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