Wednesday, August 18, 2010


From astronauts to zombies, from yodeling to bouncy balls, from CTF to XYZ, from watermelon to Donkey Kong, from earwigs to Vanity Fair, from Ukraine to flying fish, from golf carts to tyrants, from sourdough to hummus, from indigo to rumpus, from queens to jawbreakers, from killjoys to Papa Murphy's, from octopi to lemon pie, from mouse pads to the Netherworld, and much, much more.

The possibilities are limitless.

Anything goes.

Explanation: I love to write. I could have started dozens of blogs about dozens of things... instead... I bring you one: All Manner of Posts.

Stay posted.

-J.S. Lewis

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see your new blog. You are now going to be even busier! How can you do it all? You must have super hero powers! I watched two trailers and watched the music video...interesting is all I can say. I like to read your words more than watch the trailers. You are a very talented writer. I for one will miss "At The Movies". I will now have to rely on your film tome reviews!